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Adaptive layout of the website

Creating a website is impossible without layout layout. If you have ordered the development of web design, you simply need a layout. When ordering a design from us, you get layout for free, but there are cases when you have your own design. We are ready to provide you with the services of our web designers. Our team is ready to create any project: from simple web pages to adaptive and complex.

Need a responsive website layout? Contact us! We know how to make pages look equally well on a wide variety of devices, regardless of their size, resolution, format, and browser used. We use modern solutions and technologies, so everything that we have created always works well!

Only the site that is well displayed on all devices can be successful, visited and readable. We know how to achieve this in a short time and within a small budget!

What is adaptive layout?

Adaptive layout is a special technology that allows you to automatically change the design and scaling of the page depending on the device on which it is displayed. It implies a rejection of the static design and the location of the blocks: the images are made “flexible”, the elements can change their size and configuration. The goal is to make the same information equally fully and correctly displayed on the smartphone screen, on the tablet, and on the PC monitor.

Multilevel templates, “flexible” and “responsive” images - there are many options and methods for adaptive, so-called “rubber” layout. And we can put any of them into practice!

Cool adaptive layout for successful sites

We suggest creating an adaptive layout from scratch. The price is individual for each project, but be sure that our offer will be attractive to you!

This is one of the basic services in our studio. We know well how to achieve optimal results in a short time. We configure the correct display of the site in all systems and viewing options. With our layout your resource will be equally readable on a smartphone and a PC with any screen.

Contact us any way you want to order an adaptive layout right now!

Price: from 250 $

Adaptive layout of the website
Advantages of our layout


Layout is performed according to all standards of code design. Code beautiful and bedecked in complex methods. It will be convenient to work on the side.


Web pages are loaded as quickly as possible due to code optimization and image compression.


If an adaptive was ordered, all pages will be displayed correctly on all devices with different display sizes.