Service description —

Development of a website for opening cases with money

We think that each of you very often saw advertisements on websites with real money cases on YouTube or on other resources. These are extremely profitable projects, for the maintenance of which a minimum of energy is spent, and you get maximum exhaust. Back in 2016, our team began to develop a similar project, and it was our development that got into the first wave of such projects - this is the SpinCoin website. Since then, we update it frequently, it has also been rewritten more than once, and now we provide this development for sale.

You can order script cases with money from our developers. You can also order the development of unique modes, modules, etc.

How profitable are case opening projects with money?

Any web project requires initial investment, but cases with money pay for them as quickly as possible. This is a very interesting project for the user and an extremely quick business payback. All you need as an owner is to develop a design for a website with cases, as well as to develop it. After the initial investment in advertising, and then you can buy advertising already on the funds that come from the project.

Developing a case of money website is extremely easy!

First you need to design a design. In our close-knit team there are designers who work in different styles and with different complexity. After the development of the project, which includes the basic functionality:

  • Authorization through all social services. network.
  • Automatic payments and payments.
  • Unique admin panel.
  • Customizable drop rates.
  • Live live winnings update in real time.
  • And much more ...

You can also come up with a unique idea for the site or order unique improvements that will help the project to lure even more users.

Price: from 300 $

Advantages of our development


The script is developed using the latest technology and the efforts of our specialists. Your website will be protected against SQL inj, CSRF, XSS, etc. Also work on the server security.


The script has been tested for very heavy loads. Under heavy loads we mean 2000+ online. Server optimization is carried out separately absolutely free of charge!


Our script is written with an eye to further updates. It is very convenient to use. You will also have the opportunity to order the development of functionality separately.


If you do not have an already developed design, we offer the services of our web designers. Unique design and approach. As a gift to the design order you will receive layout.

Stage one —


You contact our Manager and before the beginning of work the technical task is necessarily made. After we discuss with you the cost, timing, other points and then proceed to work.Beginning


Second stage —

Process of work

After payment we start work. The whole process is discussed directly with the client. If there are questions about TK, they will also be discussed with you.


Third stage —


When the work is finally ready, we take it to the test. If there is a need, we make final edits and you get the finished project.