Service description —

Creating Landing Page / Business card Website

Interested in creating a site Landing? Contact us, because this is one of the services provided by our studio. Unique opportunities, individual design, excellent adaptability to effective promotion - we are ready to implement all this in your project!

Do you want to get a result from your investment as soon as possible? Nowadays, almost any small business or private employee needs his own online business card to actively promote their services, goods, etc., because for the most part people are looking for information of interest to them on the Internet. Based on our many years of experience in development, we boldly declare that landing (business card) is the most profitable solution for promotion.

We specialize in creating websites (including Landing Page), we have extensive experience and are ready to present a solid case of successfully implemented projects. At the same time, we have affordable prices, and not only on Landings, but also on related services (content, promotion, etc.).

Why do you need a landing page?

Landing is a one-page site (maximum one main and several auxiliary pages), created specifically for the Internet promotion of one specific offer: product, service, promotions, etc. It is extremely simple, concise, informative. It contains comprehensive information strictly on the required topic and there is no secondary information.

A key advantage of Landing over a regular online store or any other site is a much higher speed and a significantly lower cost of moving to the TOP of the search results, that is, where the largest audience will be able to see it. Given this, most often Landing Page are created for:

  • presentation / promotion of a new product / service;
  • promoting the main site by redirecting traffic from Landing;
  • Company / Business Advertising.

In each of these areas, such a site will be an extremely effective tool!

Order Landing Page with an exclusive design from us

Our studio is ready to create a Landing Page from scratch and turnkey. This means that by contacting us you will receive comprehensive services including:

  • development of exclusive design;
  • coordination of the functionality and the creation of unique "chips" of the site;
  • writing Landing (no Wordpress, other CMS and standard templates - your site will be unique!);
  • content creation;
  • promotion;
  • technical support.

Integrated creation of Landing with us is convenient!

Stages of Creating a Landing Page

With our studio, creating a Landing Page is just a few simple steps. It all starts with your treatment, drawing up and agreeing on a technical task, signing a contract. Next, we develop and approve the design template with you, perform the remaining work, provide the finished result.

To create a Landing Page you need to work hard. But this is our work and our task. Your role is to check and reconcile. That is why working with us is comfortable!

Price: from 500 $

Order a business card website
Advantages of our development


The site will be convenient for each user. Our team conducting surveys between people will make your site convenient, concise and most importantly modern.

Adaptive layout

Landing page will be designed adaptively to make any user from any device feel comfortable going to your site.


If you do not have an already developed design, we offer the services of our web designers. Unique design and approach. As a gift to the design order you will receive layout.

Stage one —

Creating a selling landing page

Surely you have services that bring constant income. For more active promotion you need to create a landing page (business cards, Landing Page). It is worth noting that the development of the landing page includes writing copywriters selling texts for your business, so that every visitor of the page wanted to make a purchase from you.


Second stage —

Setting up web Analytics systems

In order to understand the effectiveness of the invested funds in the creation of landing page, we set up a web Analytics system on the landing page, which will display the real picture of the traffic brought to the site, its sources, as well as target actions that were committed by visitors (sending an order/making a purchase).


Third stage —

Website hosting + domain registration

Ready landing page is placed on the hosting, selected domain name for the resource. Now the site is officially launched in the network and is ready to bring results — to sell. The result: a one — page website is ready, and we can move on to the main part-attracting customers.