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Order targeted advertising. Online targeting.

Since social networks are becoming more and more popular, targeted advertising has gained tremendous popularity along with it, which today very successfully competes with contextual and has a serious effect on the development of virtually every business.

Features of targeted advertising

A big plus of targeted advertising is that it can be used to promote products and services, even without having your own website. It is enough to have a profile in one of the social networks. Today, targeted advertising is actively used:

  • On VKontakte;
  • Odnoklassniki;
  • On Facebook;
  • On Instagram.

Targeted advertising works on the principle of selecting exactly your target audience. And in social networks it can be done most effectively. Users of VK, Odnoklassniki and other sites willingly indicate in their profiles information about themselves, which is used by targeted advertising.

In addition, the targeting closely monitors the user's actions on the Internet, takes into account which topics he is interested in, into which groups he enters. In this way. Targeted advertising knows everything about users and very accurately selects the target audience that will be interested in your offers.

Targeting Types

Targeting ads are very flexible and can be configured using several parameters at once.

  • Geographical targeting involves advertising services and products in a particular region. Accordingly, Central Asia is chosen, which is interested in proposals based on geography.
  • Socio-demographic targeting allows you to narrow Central Asia, taking into account gender, age, and similar factors.
  • Behavioral - the most popular. The fact is that all user actions remain in the browser's cache, and this is then used by targeting therapists when setting up an advertisement.

In general, targeted advertising today is one of the most powerful tools that can promote your brand, increase sales, and attract new customers.

In addition, the target provides an opportunity to actively interact with users and increase their loyalty to your company.

You can order targeted advertising from us for your business. Our specialists will carefully study your target audience and launch advertising on social networks in such a way that it will work most effectively for the development of your company, attracting new customers and increasing your brand awareness.

Price: negotiable

Targeted advertising order
Advantages of our promotions


Before performing any services to promote the project, we analyze the market, competitors and users. The output you get the desired result.


To their work we are accountable, so the result of the work you will get negotiated before the order deadline.


Our SEO specialists work in the field of Digital marketing very much and are familiar. We offer up-to-date services.

Stage one —

Market analysis

We analyze the market, competitors and the final consumer. It is a very important stage at which it becomes clear in which direction to move on.


Second stage —

Promotion plan

At this stage, we draw up a plan on which the project will move forward. As a rule, it consists of many stages and it all depends on the specific project.


Third stage —

Execution of work

At this stage, we conduct a number of activities, due to which the project is promoted: the compilation of the semantic core, internal site optimization, external site optimization, resource development, attracting additional traffic, etc.