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Order media promotion. Media advertising.

One of the most effective advertising tools on the Internet today is display advertising. It can be used as a standalone tool, or as a supplement to other methods.

What is display advertising

Display advertising has many varieties. The main ones include:

  • Banner advertising (extensions, rich media, pop-anders, banners, raskhlopy and others). Banners can pop up when you open a page, appear at the bottom of the page, load when you open social networks, and so on.
  • Video advertising. These are small videos that are played when watching a video on Youtube and similar services.
  • These are the most common types of display advertising, but there are two more that are used less often but are quite effective:
  • Branding is either a resource liner, or a search string coloring, or a cursor in the form of a specific icon, for example, a logo. Such advertising is usually tied to an event.
  • Text-graphic blocks are also a good display advertising option. They are unobtrusive and therefore users are more loyal to them.

The Benefits of Display Advertising

Properly organized display advertising allows you to increase brand awareness, inform potential customers about new promotions, special offers, discounts or new products.

Display advertising is also good because it combines banner and contextual advertising and, thus, is quite effective.

Display ads can be on any sites. For example, it is quite often possible to observe such advertising in Google, there is a display advertising in Yandex, in social networks (VK, Odnoklassniki and others). Thus, it is possible to reach a sufficiently large target audience, which is then converted into real customers.

A great advantage of display advertising is that it is actually paid for - for clicks on your advertising banner.

You can order all types of display ads from us. We will draw banners for you, create catchy videos, place your ad at the right time and on the right platforms.

Our designers always individually approach each order, take into account the wishes of the client, and as a result you get bright, memorable advertising that will work effectively for your business and bring new clients to you.

Price: negotiable

Order media promotion. Media advertising.
Advantages of our promotions


Before performing any services to promote the project, we analyze the market, competitors and users. The output you get the desired result.


To their work we are accountable, so the result of the work you will get negotiated before the order deadline.


Our SEO specialists work in the field of Digital marketing very much and are familiar. We offer up-to-date services.

Stage one —

Market analysis

We analyze the market, competitors and the final consumer. It is a very important stage at which it becomes clear in which direction to move on.


Second stage —

Promotion plan

At this stage, we draw up a plan on which the project will move forward. As a rule, it consists of many stages and it all depends on the specific project.


Third stage —

Execution of work

At this stage, we conduct a number of activities, due to which the project is promoted: the compilation of the semantic core, internal site optimization, external site optimization, resource development, attracting additional traffic, etc.