A little about this project —


Project Description —

This project is a service of instant games for real money. The customer came with a clear TOR and an order for a unique web design, adaptive layout and development of the project from scratch.

On the main page is the playing field, in the left half of which you need to enter your bet. The bet amount must be at least 1 and not more than 1000 coins.

Then use the slider under the "play" button to select the percentage of your chance to win – from 2 to 98. The smaller the chance and the greater the risk, the greater the gain. The amount of possible winnings and the value of the bet multiplier can be seen in the right half of the playing field. It remains only to press the "Play" button and the random number generator will determine the victory. If the numeric value is shown on the green field of the slider – you win, if the red – lost.

Web design

Our designers approached the design of this project with special interest. Abstract minimalism was chosen. In web design, this style has only recently begun to gain popularity. Was chosen extremely pleasant to the human eye color palette. There is such a thing as the color circle of the notebook. Under certain shades of colors, you must use a similar shade in a different color otherwise it will be very striking. The background of the site was drawn by hand and that is why the site looks unique and memorable at the first glance at the project.

Other elements of the project were executed in the usual minimalism. Not so long ago, our team was replenished by designers who work in minimalism and that is why this design looks nice and made with high quality.

Adaptive layout

The layout of the project was Made by new members of our team. The work was carried out in a modern style of layout - flexbox.


The Project is developed using all modern PHP technologies. As a basis for further convenient work, we took the latest version of the Laravel framework. It is more and more often asked by customers, it is quite convenient to work with other developers in the future.

Not without the use of Redis, web sockets and other things... All modern standards of protection and development have been applied to this work.

Any questions about the project ? —

Write to our Manager and he will tell you everything!