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Why create your CS:GO roulette?



Hello, dear friend! On the Internet, people often ask questions: Why create your own roulette on CS: GO, PUBG or Dota 2? or Should you do your roulette on CS: GO? . In this article we will try to make out what it is, how profitable it is and whether it is so relevant.

To begin with, let's take a dip in 2015, the year when such projects as Roulette appeared. At this time, all YouTube and streamers begin, as we call it, the Advertising Wave. Among ordinary players CS: GO popularized such genres of projects. You can even say that all this flow was imposed, but now they don’t even remember about it, although it is very important.

What is the principle of CS: GO roulette and how do you earn it?

By itself, a tape measure, it can be said, is a dummy in terms of investments. The main flow of your funds will be spent on development. The initial task is to order a good CS: GO roulette script . We spent a large amount of time on the development of the script and are currently distributing it on a commercial basis. For two years of exploitation, alterations and tests, we improved and modified our script. Even now we are trying to keep up with all the trends in this area by adding new modes, reworking the design to a modern look and changing the principles of work. At the moment we can proudly say that our script is the most relevant!

Back to the opening of the project. After the purchase, installation and configuration of your site on the VDS server, the question of the development of the project rests on advertising. Currently, there are a whole lot of advertising sites for such projects:

  1. Youtube is the fastest growing platform. It focuses the main backbone of your audience. Advertising companies can be designed in different ways: from ordinary preroll (advertising at the beginning of the video) to complex and covert integrations. For example, youtube can play on your site and at the same time very succinctly embed it in your content. In the example of such integration we see a very positive response from viewers (likes, dislikes, comments and views) and a large number of transitions to the project itself (we can come to this conclusion based on subsequent orders of such advertising on this channel). The result is a very profitable site for advertising CS: GO sites. A large number of channels and a large number of loyal audience!

  2. Twitch streaming platform. Here you can buy games on the site, banners and mentions from the streamers themselves. For example, the very first CS: GO roulettes became so popular. You can increase the activity and interest in the site with big bets and games of popular people.

  3. Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct platform for display advertising. You have probably often seen ads on different sites in the form of banners, in browsers, in mobile applications and even on Youtube in the form of blocks and ad inserts? So, this is the work of such services. From our experience we can advise you this kind of advertising.

  4. Vkontakte has a number of types of advertising: posts in communities, advertising prerolls, targeted advertising, advertising in the News section, advertising in audio recordings. What type of advertising will be beneficial for you, you decide, of course. Personally, we liked targeted advertising more. You can very flexibly choose an audience that will be interested in your roulette on CS: GO

  5. Well, as without a referral system. One of the most profitable methods to promote your roulette. Players themselves will advertise your CS: GO roulette, while you will not spend a penny!

In fact, the types of advertising are much more, we just brought the most popular. In this area, in any case, fantasy is important. The more elegant you present your roulette, the more it will play online.

After you have filled the gaming people, your salary is divided into several types. For example, you can pick up a percentage of each game. Usually it is equal to 10%, but what size does the administrator decide? Also, do not exclude earnings from advertising on your site. Some prefer and not entirely honest ways of earning, such as spin on CS: GO roulette. We do not support it, but we only carry out the order. If you need such a function, we are ready to develop it for you.

You can say, roulette is one of the passive ways of earning a capital. You just follow the site, and users, playing, bring you money in the form of skins.

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