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Who are we?



Welcome to the first article of the studio GetScripts.ru. Perhaps, for a start, we will tell who we are.

We are a team of web developers, designers, SEO-analysts and business analysts. Our task is to help you develop your own projects. With our customers, we share our experience, which we have quite a few. For more than two years of our work, we have created projects of various complexity and different directions: from roulettes on CS: GO, to serious online clothing stores, etc. At the moment we are ready to develop, we will not be afraid of this word, ANY web projects.

Let's begin by discussing some issues for a simple understanding. We have compiled a small FAQ for you:

- What is a script?

In our interpretation, the script is a turnkey solution developed by us. For example, if you apply this term to the CS: GO Roulette website, the “script” is a complete web project that includes: a working software part and a design prototype. In turn, including standard protection methods such as DDoS, HTTP GET /POST flood, TCP /SYN flood, UDP flood, ICMP flood, MAC flood, protection against SQL injections, protection against XSS attacks, and t .d We set such a script for you in the future, we can change the design, customize, modify and develop something.

- Can you, for example, develop a website other than CS: GO Roulettes , such as the Steam key store?

It's over. We specialize in the development of various projects. Roulettes, cases, etc. just our business card, and for more than two years already, we started working in other areas a long time ago.

- Do you guarantee that after development we will be able to continue to consult with you, ask questions and ask for help in anything?

Yes. We are always open with our customers. We have two managers, one of whom serves new clients, answers questions interesting to new people, and the second works directly with our clients. The issue of employment is minimized.

In the future we will fill this page. We advise you to add it to your bookmarks:)


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